Daily Positive Covid tests, hospital admissions and deaths

Latest data is from end of day on May 19th, 2022

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Graph of Covid-19 PCR Tests by published date, positive results by specimen date and deaths

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Note that reporting of results is not instant and there will be a few days delay before a positive result shows in these figures. There are stats giving date of result which I will re-examine but they used to run a long was in arrears as the mission seems to be to give daily numbers in time for the early evening news rather than make them particularly accurate. Regardless it seems clear that peak infection had already plateaued or passed by the time each lockdown was introduced on 23rd March 2020, 5th November 2020 and 4th January 2021. A rough idea of disease progression can be seen in the offset betwen peak infections, admissions and deaths.

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Graph of Percentage hospital admissions and deaths against positive test results

The percentage of admissions following a positive test should not be taken to mean that there is a high chance of hospital admission following a positive test. Every in patient in hospital gets regular testing and I believe that the numbers mostly show that many asymptomatic cases are picked up in hospital. Plus the unfortunate fact that something like a quarter to a third of all Covid infections are hospital acquired.

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